DSC05555My journey to becoming an artist is perhaps unusual, but not unique. Trained as an economist – as was Kandinsky, I taught, consulted, and lived the corporate life. As well I freelanced as a writer and authored a book – as did Henry Miller. While I worked long hours and enjoyed all of it, I could never say I was passionate about any of it.

Then I took a course in acrylic painting and I have not stopped painting since. I had discovered my passion. It has been my exclusive focus in recent years.

I wish I could say there was a method, a lesson, an insight to share in this, but there isn’t one that is obvious to me. Other than life is always full of surprises, and painting has been one of the more pleasant ones for me.

I am largely self-taught and work solely in acrylics. I find the most effective way to learn is to paint, explore, experiment and paint some more. As Henry Miller noted, to paint is to fall in love again.

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